What Celiac Blood Test Results Look Like

Crazy busy at work (which I love since I’m getting to work on character development and standardizing regional dialects). But. I’d meant to include some screencaps of my celiac test results in my last post and forgot to.

Here are my celiac panel results after three months back on gluten:

After three months on gluten.

The tTG is the one I consider most important, and I had a score of 37; anything above 8 is considered positive. I don’t know which one my doctor considers most important, but since two are clearly positive that’s not really a problem. As positive test results go, these are not particularly high.

For comparison, here’s what my test results looked like when I’d been off of gluten for a year:

My test results after being gluten free for a year.

Negative. Every single one was negative. Which is great. It means that I’d been successful in going gluten free. My body was recovering, if not fully recovered, from the damage. You only produce gluten antibodies when you’re consuming gluten on a regular basis.

And here is my genetic test:

Celiac genetic test, positive for DQ8.

You only need one of these two genetic markers to have celiac disease. However, having the marker doesn’t mean you actually have celiac disease. Just that it’s a possibility.

There you have it. Pictures of damaged villi from my endoscopy can be found in an earlier post, over here.

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    very informative. thanks for your info and your interesting website.

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