Slightly Better Sleep

Tried a different CPAP mask last night and, according to my fitbit, slept slightly better.

Slight improvement with different mask.

Still not great. I should be around 95% sleep efficiency, ideally. And I ought to have more full sleep cycles in there; most people need a full 90 minutes to have a complete sleep cycle. It looks like I had two blocks that were long enough. I really would like to have three full cycles a night.

Around 6:30 am, I woke up a great deal more frequently. Which coincides with my ambien wearing off.  I would really like to not need the ambien at all.

According to my CPAP, I had an AHI of 8 (an average of 8 awakenings an hour). Which is way better than 25, and significantly better than 12. But I’ve been as low as 3 awakenings per hour before. Also, the leak rate on the mask was really high. Which can cause awakenings, too.

I also got glutened recently. Within the last two or three weeks. Which means my stomach hurts, and it’s hard to sleep soundly when that’s happening. That seems to be going away, so my sleep may improve just from that.

I wish things weren’t so complicated.


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